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XMPP Server

After a little research and trying a few xmpp server from’s list ( I found Jive a very simple and efficient server ( I got it working with MsSQL which was my SQL server of preference, and got the CFMX7 gateways connected in a heartbeat.

I think it’s missing a couple of important features such as server connectivity to legacy networks such as MSN, YIM, AIM, or ICQ. Other XMPP servers have that. It is only a matter of time until they incorporate it.

I like the fact that it is an open source project and also that I can run it in Windows 2003 Servers.

Basically, it has all the necessary features such as IM, SSL support, group chat rooms, shared group, ldap, logs, and a very Web Administrator panel.  Also, it integrate perfectly with Flash XIFF ( XIFF is an Open Source Flash library for instant messaging and presence clients using the XMPP protocol.

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