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CF developer with 30 years of horrible experience

Ray Horn, a ColdFusion developer with over 30 years of experience decides to show his ethics and cause some polemics in the blogshpere today.

Ray Camden wrote this nice Blog software, which over 100 blogs out there are using including mine, and this guy –Rabid—chose to take the open source software, make a few modification, encrypt it, remove documentation, remove the link back to Ray’s site, and sell it. How dare he!

Anyways, enough said, find below the links to today’s threads and please join us to ban Ray Horn from the CF community.

Ray Horn's Blog where he claims Ray should pay him! (comments have been removed)
Ray Horn's lame apology
Joe Rinehart
Dynamic Flash
John Beynon
Wayne Graham  good point about Copyright and Intellectual Property
Stephen Collins
Sean Corfield
Ray Camden (official blogCFC author)
Rick Root
John Wilker
Robert Blackburn
Pete Freitag (Open Source Licenses)

UPDATED: Ray Horn just removed his shameful comments on his blog; nonetheless, the word is out!  Luckily, I had the comments opened in my browser:

Ray Horn's Blog Comments

Shame on you. I don't see Ray taking donations for providing you with blogCFC after working on it for 3 years; it is open source and benefits the community, but you think it's right to make a couple of modifications and encrypt the code? I'm not trying to be harsh, but I strongly disagree with what you're doing.

So then you must be saying that I "should" offer any code I add to his Blog for FREE simply because the source was obtained for FREE ? Does this mean, you are not in favor of rewarding ingenuity or hard-work ? Just curious...

Never fear, I will be coding my own Rabid_Blogware(tm) using Rabid_AJAX(tm) and Geonosis(tm) before too long... it won't be Open Source but that's life.

Just for the record... Raymond Camden "could" have just as easily architected BlogCFC in such a manner so as to protect "his" investment since he does have 3+ yrs of work wrapped-up in it. It wasn't difficult for me to architect a CF based system using JavaScript so that I can protect my intellectual property from prying eyes or unwanted modifications or undesirable reuse. You won't hear me cry "foul" if someone uses something I wrote and gave away for FREE in a way that improves my original work. After-all, when I give code away I do so knowing it could be improved by anyone with suitable skills. Ray Camden should be happy that someone is honoring his original work by adding to the substance of his genius and hard-work. Why, I bet I am paying the highest compliment possible by adding to "his" work rather than seeking to code my own right off the bat. It is a mystery to me as to why he isn't happier about all this than he has seemed to be... If someone took some code I wrote and added to it and then actually used it I would be quite very happy and I would even make a heavy donation to that person just for honoring me with his efforts. But that's just me, I am sure.

Well, I can't speak on behalf of Ray; this is my own opinion. Ray opted for giving away his code and hard code for the benefit of the CF community. Sure, he could have protected his code in many different ways, but it was technology what stopped him from doing that, but caring for the community and trying to encourage people to develop open source projects.

I agree with your own work being encrypted and getting reward; that is the everyday bread of a programmer/developer. However, I have seen plenty of people contributing to blogCFC and/or other open source projects, including myself, and none of us have ever tried to make a profit out of it. That is the true meaning of open source. You clearly would have never got to the point where you are now if it wasn't for Ray posting his code for free, so I am pretty sure you do see the advantage of having people like us that goals other than monetize from every singe line of code you write.

I respect your point and wish you the best luck with Blogware and your Ajax project, but I must express my opposition to your perspective of blogCFC; <my two cents />



Well if Ray Camden wanted to craft an Open Source License that guaranteed nobody would try to profit from any work done that is associated with his work he could have done so but then I doubt it would still be considered "Open Source" now would it ?

The risk all Open Source authors must accept is the fact that their work "may" be used for the purpose of putting money in someone else's pocket.

I am, at-least, making the combined efforts of myself and Ray Camden available for FREE as an integrated whole the only thing I am not just giving away is the source code I crafted. I am NOT trying to resell BlogCFC in any way shape or form - it is still 100% FREE for all to use. Additionally people are still free to seek out Ray Camden's original BlogCFC IF they prefer to use his more than anything I have done. I am simply making changes to the original that I personally find useful - generally speaking, I am a pretty good judge of what may be "useful" since the feedback I generally get from my coding efforts is that my designs tend to be intuitive and useful.

So far nobody has given me any money for any of this and I doubt seriously anyone ever will - likewise I don't feel any urge to give away the code I have added other than to make the integrated whole available for FREE.

I recommend those who produce "Open Source" code should give serious thought to how they might feel when they learn someone else has added to their code and making money from it or desiring to make money from it.

And what about thet poor guy who created Linux and made it available via Open Source ? Should he not be unhapy thay others are making money from "his" efforts ? I mean, afterall "he" created Linux and should "he not be rewarded for his efforts ? Think about it.

I have done nothing but praise Ray Camden for his efforts however if I were to try to use BlogCFC for real-world Blog Site Management then I would be forced to either added to his code or code my own in order to save time or get more done with it.

since /you/ gave no license.. then i can offer these for free!!

There are a bunch of things I *want* to say, but they really aren't productive so I'll just stick with this:

I don't know anything about open source licenses, or what it means that Ray didn't explicitly use one in his code. However, taking his hard work, making a few small changes and then offering the entire package for sale may not be illegal, but it certainly is reprehensible.

I give you an 8.5 on your swan-dive out of favor with the CF community... bravo!

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