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Coldfusion skill divide

I just found this blog entry on ColdFusion skill levels divide; it's interesting, and it is completely true. We're interviewing lots of CF developers lately and there are usually the two types: the one that has been working is CF of a while and never improved, still using procedural calls, no structure, not even objects... and the second one who's crazy about OOP, design patterns, has tested all frameworks and methodologies: mg, mii, coldspring, has done ajax, flex, etc... Are we being too passionate/picky, or is there a huge skill gap?

ColdFusion Frameworks Make You Advanced?
I keep seeing a common theme in the ColdFusion community, illustrated by two recent blog entries. The theory is that you need to use the popular CF frameworks in order to be an advanced CF programmer. I want to further explore this concept.

I do think that the frameworks provide some valuable tools for the community, and it's not wise for one to throw them all out as rubbish. However, I've never gotten into the habit of using them, even though I have been trying to learn Model Glue. But I think it's possible to be an Advanced ColdFusion programmer without using frameworks. Here are some scenarios I'd like you to consider.
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