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sqlCFC was developed to facilitate the interaction between CF and SQL. It will also help to abstract the SQL CRUD calls and seamlessly connect to any type of database without changing your CF code or logic.

sqlCFC queries SQL Meta-data, and utilize it to the maximum. It automatically identifies primary keys, identities, data types, field lengths, and adapts accordingly.

All queries are parameterized using cfqueryparams by automatically detecting the field types. By default, the component also trims all strings to the maximum data-type length.

To allow for rapid prototyping, the component can take a structure (form is mostly used) as an argument, cross check common fields with a specific table, and insert or update solely with that information. In case of update, it will also match the primary key, or could optionally take the where clause statement.

sqlCFC is currently compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 only. This was my first choice because it's used in 85% of ColdFusion applications.

Here are the latest entries related to sqlCFC from my blog:

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