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AjaxCFC for jQuery Alpha Release

I finished today the implementation of AjaxCFC for jQuery. It's the same Ajax <-> CF integration you already know, but using the jQuery Ajax engine. It supports full JSON and WDDX serialization, has improved error handling, improved log4javascript integration, still supports named and unnamed arguments, and just so you can use it right away, it's back compatible with the DWR syntax. The only incompatibility is the change of the $() function, which you can actually override if you wish, but I didn't on my release.

This is great news folks, because jQuery is extensible and allows for easily dropping plugins into your code...
I will work in documenting it for beta release, but those of you who wish to use the bleeding edge version just add a comment and I'll send you the code. I'd appreciate comments and suggestions from those who wish to check it out.

Public Beta release should come sometime next week.

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