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SVN: PROPFIND request failed - No Such Revision

One of my Subversion repositories got corrupted today and every single operation started failing, returning an error message: PROPFIND request failed on '/path/to/repo/ No Such Revision 296.

After researching for an hour I could not find anything, nada, nothing at all ... I found a few posts on dumping the data, creating a new repo, importing again ... but like I said, every operation on the repo failed... I couldn't even try those options.

So I chose to backup the repository's file system and fix it myself... I noticed that the error claimed that revision 296 did not exist and indeed, when I opened the db/revs folder it only went up to 295. With a completely wild guess, I opened the /current file and noticed that it had the 296 revision number on it, so I assumed this is the pointer to the latest revision, but the data never made it to the server... I modified the number to 295 and everything immediately started working.

Again, it was a wild guess, but it worked ... Hope this saves someone a few hours.

update: I think I found out how it broke. Someone committed a file that Nod32 caught with a virus; SVN increased the repo version, updated the indexes, and then the antivirus deleted the data...

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Thanks you. You save me.....
# Posted By Anonimous | 7/11/08 11:06 AM
Thanks for the post, You saved my day..
# Posted By sundar | 9/5/08 9:34 AM
Saved me too... thanks...
# Posted By Yigit | 2/11/09 1:31 AM
Thank you very much .....
# Posted By pramod | 6/1/09 9:27 AM
Thanks , it worked but partially.
i can access the trunk folder but i had created few branches that are not accessible
could you please help.
# Posted By chetan | 6/1/09 9:41 AM
Thanks so much for your post. This solved my problem.
# Posted By Ladean | 6/12/09 10:34 AM
Another save!

thanks, Rob
# Posted By Bob | 9/18/09 5:51 PM
Thank you. This helped me avert (another) apoplectic fit.
# Posted By Alex | 11/4/09 6:27 PM
Thanks! This really helped save the day for me.

# Posted By Will | 1/27/10 1:45 PM
Thank you so much. This was so useful!

You save my day and my life :)
# Posted By andrés | 4/20/10 6:39 PM
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