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RIAForge is alive: new open source projects home

Ben Forta, Ray Camden, myself, and others have been working on a secret project for the past few months. Well, it is secret no more ... Welcome to RIAForge.

RIAForge is a place to host open source projects built with Adobe technologies - from ColdFusion applications to Photoshop plug-ins to Flex components and more. And of course the site is built using those same technologies.

RIAForge features:

  • A unique project URL
  • File hosting
  • Bug tracking
  • Forums
  • Blogging
  • Basic stats
  • Subversion access
  • ... and more

This is not an official Adobe project, although the site is Adobe supported. Ray Camden did the primary development work with a lot of help and support from others, including Brian Rinaldi and myself. Most of the project was written in Model-Glue, and Ray added portions of his existing projects like Lighthouse, Galleon, and blogCFC.
I wrote the SVN support and I'll post it tonight as an open source project.

Let us know what you think!

SVN for Dreamweaver

Note to self: Try SVN for Dreamweaver. Thus far I've only used homesite+ 5.5 and I just got into eclipse, cfeclipse, and subeclipse. Each and all of them have pros and cons. Eclipse in this date still does not support RDS or remote FTP browsing. It doesn't have a built-in database explored, but it does have some nice features such as compare lo local history... I think that's great!
Homesite does not have subversion integration... I tried CVS, RCS-CS and didn't quite like it.
I have been never a huge fan of dreamweaver... it has too much designer-like interface that sacrifices too much.
Now Macromedia announced they’ll join the cfeclipse force and maybe something good will come out of that. Cfeclipse is still improving the cfmx7 tag support.

I found this link today for a SVN integration into dreamweaver… Dreamweaver has issues modifying files directly into the servers… it is the slowest connection I have every experienced… Oh yeah, not to mention that it constantly crashes … Anyway, I will give it another chance … I’ll give it a try tomorrow and post further notes.

Maybe DW will be the solution … RDS, remote FTP browsing, database connectivity, version control… We shall see.

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