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iPhone firmware 2.0.2

Apple has released an update to fix the reception problems with the 3G iPhone, woohoo! I love my iPhone, but constant dropped calls were really starting to annoy me. Just installed this update and will post back my verdict in a couple of day.

NetShare: Share your iPhone's internet connection

Share your iPhone's Edge or 3g internet connection with your computer. This is awesome, been waiting for something like this since the day I got the iphone. Here're step by step instructions on how to do it.

Flash Lite applications and games for downlaod

Flash lite is creating a buzz, it's going to be huge, and you're still on time to be one of the pioneers. Mobile applications are penetrating Europe and should become huge in the US shortly. Opera developed an Ajax capable Mobile browser, and Adobe has Flash Lite installed in many phones, already used by a few million customers. This site offers application source code, which is great for learning ...

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