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Ubuntu 6.10 Upgrade

Just upgraded Ubuntu to 6.10. I must say it was a painless process. After the upgrade I did not experience problems with Flash 9 as others have blogged in the past. Ubuntu upgraded my Firefox to 2.0 automatically, but kept my Flash 9 intact.

To upgrade, simply type gksu "update-manager -c" in a new console. It will inform you that this utility is still in beta or something, but it works perfectly. It kept my settings, resolutions, themes, preferences, et all.

The upgade took a few hours, but note that I am running Ubuntu on a VM with restricted resources.

Ubuntu Update

I just fixed my resolution problem and got my 1440x900 wide screen working. The trick was to execute

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver.xorg

and go thru the entire process. After done, press ctrl-alt-backspace to reset terminal.
I also installed Flash 9 Beta and it's working perfectly! I'm really happy with this OS.

Ubuntu and VMWare

I installed Ubuntu today on a VMWare... I know, it must be Ubuntu's day, Matt blogged about his experience too. I'm not as extremist and not a M$ hater... I installed it on a VM machine using VMWare Workstation. Ubuntu comes with Open Office, Firefox, Gaim, so you're almost ready to go. I installed Eclipse, CFEclipse, Aptana, XMLBuddy, and IE6. heh, I know what you thinking, but Adobe only provide a Flash 7 release for linux, so I installed Wine and IE6+Flash9... mostly for Flash 9 support. I will probably only use it for my Flex Development.

I still haven't been able to modify my screen resolution to support wide 1440x900px. I'm sure I'll find a way tomorrow.

I'm also looking fw to try to connect Ubuntu to my exchange server this week ... if I can do that successfully it would be a big plus. I also need itunes, or a way to manage my ipod... Anyways, I've only played with it a few hours... more to come soon.

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