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ColdFusion 8 Public Beta is Live on Labs

I know it's been in the blogsphere for a few days, but if you missed it, ColdFusion 8 Public Beta is Live on Labs; it will let you develop next-generation Internet experiences faster and more easily than ever before. Here are just a few of the key features that you'll discover in the public beta:

  • Significant performance improvements - up to 5Xfaster than ColdFusion MX7.
  • Server monitoring identifies server bottlenecks, allowing for tuning and improved performance.
  • Code debugging speeds your development with set breakpoints, variables monitoring, and step through ColdFusion code with an Eclipse plug-in debugger.
  • Integration with Adobe Flex(tm) and AJAX features let ColdFusion power personalized, multimedia-rich applications to enhance your users' experiences on the web.
  • High-quality, on-demand presentations can be created dynamically on the server.
  • Applications can interact with PDF documents and forms for a printable, portable way to intelligently capture and share information.
  • Create and manipulate images with more than 50 new CFML tags and functions
  • Native support for .NET objects to easily integrate all of your enterprise data and infrastructure services.
  • Server-side printing

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