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Many thanks rob to share this video, it was very interesting, the guy is really passionated, I learn some good things from it.

English is not my natural language (I'm French) and the only thing I don't understand is what he is talking about that Adobe and Yahoo does and Microsoft or Google don't exactly at the 30th minute of the video.
# Posted By Tek | 9/29/08 8:42 AM
Are people still pushing the semantic web? The thing is - making the web more understandable for machines is way, way different to making it more understandable for humans with two enormously different outcomes.
# Posted By Carps | 10/3/08 6:56 AM
Watch the video, it's near what the guy said finally. He talks about interconnected data web more that semantic web because we are still not ready for a real semantic web.
# Posted By Tek | 10/3/08 8:36 AM
Thanx for this Rob,

It's a very complicated topic to cover and I think you did it really well.

# Posted By Sean Nieuwoudt | 10/3/08 2:34 PM
Thanks for sharing the video. The need for TripleStores is explained well.
# Posted By Bala | 10/4/08 2:47 PM
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