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ISAPI Rewrite

Looking for extreme SEO, I decided to play with ISAPI Rewrite. It is nice and all using /index.cfm/var1/val1, but if you just could get rid of that index.cfm … I already built a /go/ module, so if that’s all you need, don’t buy the ISAPI Rewrite…

You can accomplish the /go/ redirect that Macromedia, among others use, by going to the specific site’s 404 Custom error and forward it to /404.cfm, which is a landing page you build with CF. The page will check it the URL has a /go/ syntax; if it does, it will cflocate to the appropriate destination, and if it doesn’t, it will cfcontent the original 404 error page. You can also use cfheader and change the status to 404, page not found.

The Rewrite module can accomplish much more than this, and it’s worth looking. In the process of playing and investigating the ISAPI Rewrite module for IIS, I found that Brandon Purcell recently blogged about it, and it’s extremely helpful. You can find more information here.

Ray also posted a short entry on SES after a filename.cfm. I also made the SES funcion I've been using for a while available here. It included SES parsing, and an SES construction function.

I’ll post more details in a few days.

JIC, I saved a copy of Bandon's blog here.

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