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SVN for Dreamweaver

Note to self: Try SVN for Dreamweaver. Thus far I've only used homesite+ 5.5 and I just got into eclipse, cfeclipse, and subeclipse. Each and all of them have pros and cons. Eclipse in this date still does not support RDS or remote FTP browsing. It doesn't have a built-in database explored, but it does have some nice features such as compare lo local history... I think that's great!
Homesite does not have subversion integration... I tried CVS, RCS-CS and didn't quite like it.
I have been never a huge fan of dreamweaver... it has too much designer-like interface that sacrifices too much.
Now Macromedia announced they’ll join the cfeclipse force and maybe something good will come out of that. Cfeclipse is still improving the cfmx7 tag support.

I found this link today for a SVN integration into dreamweaver… Dreamweaver has issues modifying files directly into the servers… it is the slowest connection I have every experienced… Oh yeah, not to mention that it constantly crashes … Anyway, I will give it another chance … I’ll give it a try tomorrow and post further notes.

Maybe DW will be the solution … RDS, remote FTP browsing, database connectivity, version control… We shall see.

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How difficult for you guys is a right click in Dreamweaver site folder select EXPLORER to get all the SVN icons.

SVN is great and it's free... FREE don't forget that
# Posted By I-_-I | 7/25/08 10:08 AM
Yes, well... pretty much agree with you on everything there.

Did you ever get to try the SVN plug-in? I did. Frankly, it's nothing short of a con job. Nothing but a simple pop-up menu to let you run svn client commands like you would from the console and all it does is show you the text output from the svn executable! Oh and it completely crashes DW CS3 (Mac) trying to do an "svn info".

Total value? Maybe $2 IMHO. I'm actually going to report them to my bank as con-artists and charge back the purchase price. I'm that disgusted.
# Posted By Bryan | 8/7/08 2:49 AM
BTW, Subweaver is now hosted at
# Posted By Matt | 11/5/08 12:35 PM
I tried grafx SVN tool and in our team we use it.
now they are at version 3.0 and still is better then CS4 can offer.
Of course is not perfect, we sent a few request, the biggest one was to show icons in files panel, but as I understood, Adobe does not allow for the moment to touch that.
For designers and coders is perfect, but for advanced users (main programmers) we still use TortoiseSVN.
# Posted By Alex Evans | 2/18/09 5:34 AM
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