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ajaxCFC port for the Model-Glue Framework

The latest fad in the Model-Glue list has been AJAX. How to incorporate Ajax requests to the Model-Glue framework. Is it pointing directly to the model? To the controller? or going thru the full cycle by pointing to index, then controller, model, back to the controller, and passing arguments back to the view?

I ported ajaxCFC to work with Model-Glue and it came out great. It works just like any other MG event, where you have to define it in the config.xml, create a listener, use the controller, models, and views... it's beautiful. All ajaxCFC's add-ons like security and debugging work file. Request batch, complex objects, verbs, and sync requests possibilities still apply.

You can see it in action here. To make this example work you need to download the head revision from the Model-Glue framework. The only reason why the stable release would not work is that you cannot suppress debugging in a template-per-template basis.

I added the MG-echo example in the main ajaxCFC download, which also includes a modified version of ajax.cfc and engine.js. I will try to combine the stand-alone version with the MG one in the future, but for now, I will support both of them separately.


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