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ajaxCFC update for DRWUtil.AddRows

A recent message in the ajaxCFC group asked about the DRWUtil.addRows() function; the truth is that I had never used it. I include the utils library because there are other elements that I find useful, but I had never given the addRows a try.

Enough said, since I include the file, I guess I need to support the built-in functionality, but the addRows out-of-the-box was accepting arrays and objects. I serialize the ColdFusion queries into a more complex object which was not recognized by the addRows function, so I modified it to add wddx support. When you pass a wddx object to addRows it will now automatically populate your table, even without the need to cell functions (like the array or object methods).

You can find an example here, and download the latest release (0.63) with the code changes, example, and updated documentation from the projects page.

I'd like to thank again Joe Walker for his great effort in putting DRW together, and I will email him the changes to add wddx support for his next release.

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