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Know your ColdFusion Server: ajax monitoring

Steve Brownlee put together a basic application that you can run to provide you with realtime graphs and charts displaying your JVM memory usage using AJAX, thus no page refresh. You have the choice of the following views.

1.    Total JVM
2.    Eden Space
3.    Survivor Space
4.    Tenured Gen
5.    Permanent Gen
6.    All memory spaces

In each view, you can choose to have the charts update every 2.5, 5, 15, 30 or 60 seconds. Having shorter intervals is great for when you are actively watching the memory to identify problems or monitor your usage, and then switch to long intervals for historical charts.

It's still in its first stages, but it’s free, growing, and has a huge potential to become a must-have tool for every ColdFusion Administrator. If Steve could add active threads, queues, cpu time, and keep expanding, I'll be running this tool 24/7.

check out the Orbwave Memory Explorer 0.1.103.

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