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Vista RC2

I just finished installing Windows Vista RC2 on my VMWare. However, it's 1AM so I'll play with it tomorrow. During the install it blue-screened once, something about a USB port... anyways, it auto-rebooted and finished the installation. I played just for a few minutes with Office 2007 Beta 2 this afternoon, and the new UI looks pretty darn good.

Update 1: I got the same blue-screen again when shutting down. It may be related to VMWare, I can't tell. Also, Windows did not recognize my network card or sound cart. Windows XP and Ubuntu recognized everything w/o any problems.

Update 2: got the network card going after installing the vmware tools and switching to NAT mode instead of bridge. I doubt that this second part had anything to do with it, nevertheless I did both. After connecting to the internet I was able to run an update which fixed by sound card too. I got a couple more blue-screens in the process.

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