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Slides for the SEOMUG Spring Conference

I just got back from dinning with Jeremy Geelan, a really nice guy I must insist. He gave a keynote at the conference, and I had two sessions. We had about 300 delegates, not bad at all. It was indeed the best conference and value ever for the $25 cover fee ;)

My first session was ajax101, a kickstart providing you all basic information on AJAX. The second, was an ajax301 (yes, I skept one) providing a higher level AJAX solution, using ColdFusion, Model Glue, AjaxCFC, and optionally XML Sockets. For this second session, I showed how to develop Ajax application without coding a single line of JavaScript (for some basic examples). Furthermore, you could reuse 100% of your traditional html application, including models, controllers, and even the views.

You can download the slides I used for the sessions, and I'll compile the examples I used soon too. Most of the examples are available though my ajaxCFC download, including all the Model Glue examples, sockets, etc ... except the Model Glue framework itself. I should make a copy available anyways, because I use a BER (head version on an svn server) version for all my examples.

I mentioned in my sessions that I will do my best to answer all questions and emails, and I keep my word. Please comment here or if it's too lengthy, just drop me an email.

I hope you enjoyed the sessions as much as I did.

p.s. more on other sessions and pictures to be posted soon.

Download slides for ajax101 and ajax301.

Ajax 101 With Rob Gonda
The First Session, AJAX 101 with Rob Gonda, was a boot camp into the world of a hot web technology used by Google, 37 Signals, and Zimbra. The fast paced presentation defined and described the AJAX technology, how it should and should not be used, introduced minificaiton, and promoted the AjaxCFC framework consisting of pre built functions that he developed.
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