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MVC'ing and Ajaxifying BlogCFC : interest?

I know Ray just announced the development of BlogCFC 5.0, and I really admire and respect Ray for his contributions to the CF community. I just came up with the idea of porting blogCFC to an MVC framework, not Model-Glue, but a methodology that I use every day and it has proven to be extremely scalable to me. I also use ajaxCFC with my framework, and will be adding Ajax components to the blog; it won't be a one page RIA, but only small usability elements that would be nice to have.

So the question is ... should I wait until Ray released blogCFC 5, or should I branch it to a new version, using MVC and Ajax, branch a new open source project, and write a journey of my project ... again, just like Ray did with the Model-Glue series .. you see Ray! You're an inspiration :)

I'll take votes, hehe ... I know I want to write this, but I'm skeptical about missing some nice additions once the new version is out. It will be impossible to migrate those without rewriting them too.

Who votes for branching now and says wait? please back your side...

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I'm guessing the only way to do this in Javascript would be to use the onresize event, and then using the resizeTo method to attempt to keep the window at the size you want?
# Posted By Estetik | 11/16/08 11:00 AM
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