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ISAPI Rewrite to be tested

I've been talking about it for a while, but I finally downloaded ISAPI Rewrite. It is a tool that runs on top of your IIS (web server), and rewrites the URL's before they hit ColdFusion... what does it mean? what you can have better urls that do not look dynamic, and even though you could do that with CF in the form of index.cfm/var/value, you can now do the same and take the load off your CF server. In addition to that, you can even remove the index.cfm completely, so the urls look even cleaner. It is possible to translate:
/search/books to index.cfm?event=search&keyword=books ... how nice is that?

There's a great article at that talks about all the different uses of this tool. I will be trying it out all this week and probably blog results within a few days.

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