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ajaxCFC update for Model Glue and MachII

I previously released some examples of Ajax for Model Glue, including port of the Contact Manager example that works with Ajax and XML Sockets. I missed to consider that most people will not be able to get the XML Socket server running, thus not being able to run this example on their servers. Added another example that uses only Ajax, without the sockets complication ... if you diff both versions, you'll find that I only changed a single line in the config file to use an ajaxLayout instead of socketLayout ... nonetheless, this should allow you to run this example out of the box ...

And the moment everyone has been waiting for: ajaxCFC for MachII is out thanks to Dan Wilson! He did a great job taking the same Contact Manager example and porting it to the MachII framework. His implementation is really clean, using Plugins and Filters to extend the MachII framework, not to mention that the layout he built for the example is much prettier than mines :)

The code is really clean and should make sense for every MachII developer. I'll try to write some documentation and instructions, but that will take some time. Sorry for delaying this post Dan, I really appreciate your contribution and so does the CF Community.


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Mach-II Contact Manager + ajaxCFC
Now this is seriously cool stuff. Rob Gonda has an example of Dan Wilson's port of the Contact Manager sample application I updated for Mach-II 1.1.0, now ajaxified! After MachBlog gets a 1.0 release out the door I was going to start doing some ajax stuff here and there so this will help tremendously.
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I am having trouble getting this working.. "invalid reply from server" message when running the contactManager application... Also the application does not seem to reload correctly like my other apps.

any ideas ?
# Posted By Alex | 7/1/08 4:23 AM
By the way... Im using cf8/machii 1.5/and the contact manager
# Posted By alex | 7/1/08 4:24 AM
I have narrowed down my problem... by dumping out my http requests using a proxy... I can see that my request is returning html code instead of the xml data I would have thought I would get form a ajax request... Perhaps there is a problem with the layoutChooserFilter....

hmm... will keep digging

# Posted By Alex | 7/1/08 4:45 AM

Thanks to both you and Dan Wilson for your hard work. Unfortunately, I, like other posters, can't get past the 'Invalid Reply From Server' message and am having to resort to walking
through the request life cycle. I've gone through and updated all the object paths in the CFCs to match my root directory structure, turned off debugging, and taken other suggestions from
earlier the posts. Currently I'm running on CF 8, with MachII 1.5, ontop of WIndows XP. Any ideas? Has anyone else gotten the Contact Manager to work?

Thank you for your time.

Stephen Johnson
Adobe Advanced ColdFusion Developer
# Posted By Stephen Johnson | 1/14/09 4:22 PM
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