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ajaxCFC update 0.73

ajaxCFC has been updated.

The first change is a fix for the problem experienced by some people when sending the & sign by textareas or the suggest example.

The second change is the ability to send named arguments. It works now similar to how flash remoting does: if you send a single argument in form of an object, it will be passed as a collection instead. You may still pass unlimited arguments and ajaxCFC will match them to the expected named arguments in order, but this will be a problem if some of them are optional.


DWREngine._execute(_ajaxConfig._cfscriptLocation, null, 'method', arg1, arg2, arg3, result);

This string will invoke a method passing three arguments, which may be named in your function, but have to be in a specific order.

DWREngine._execute(_ajaxConfig._cfscriptLocation, null, 'method', {"cfarg1": arg1, "cfarg3":arg3}, result);

This string will invoke the same method passing only two out of the three arguments.

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