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ajaxCFC in Ajax Books

Oreilly's Ajax Design Patterns has a list of Ajax/ColdFusion frameworks on page 585 and it lists ajaxCFC. It says Restricted open source license (free to use in any context but not redistributable) by Rob Gonda. which used to be the case, but the license changed in February 2006. The book came out in June, so it is understandable that the information was a little outdated... this is what happens with every book on cutting-edge technology .. but the time it's published, some/most/any of the covered topics could have changed, or the is a new, better, or improved way of doing things.

Talking about books, my Real-World Ajax book should had come out a few months ago, but due to delays in x,y,z it will come out next month, during the AjaxWorld Conference. It's a nice book, but I wish it had come out a while back as planned... just like I said, it may be missing some of the new tendencies that came out in the last 6 months; nevertheless, it covers all the basics, intermediate, and many advanced topics, and includes many examples in many different languages...

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