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Adobe Max: Day 1

Max is huge! The hotel is huge, the conference center is huge, the attendance is huge ... Amazing conference ... kudos to Adobe for putting this together.

There is more ColdFusion emphasis that I expected, which is great.

The opening keynote was impressive; first of all, feating 5000 people in a single room is impressive... then speaking for 2.5h, go Kevin! One of the most impressive demos was 1080p HD Flash Video using h.264...

Afterwards, for a change, I didn't attend any session, but the networking was worth it ...

Tomorrow I have my ColdFusion Powered Ajax session and then I may attend a few others...

Will post more tomorrow.

Oh yes, the Adobe Media Player has potential! More on that later too.

Announcements: AIR Beta 2 available. Flex 3 Beta 2 Available. AIR Beta 3 will incorporate h.264. Flash 10 / Astro will incorporate Text Rendering API. Flash 10 / Astro will incorporate 3d capabilities, such as rotateX,Y,Z. Adobe Media Player has tons of monetizing opportunities through Ad Capabilities. ColdFusion 9 will allow server side ActionScript 3.

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