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Spring Break Conference Presentations

Last week I spoke at the Spring <br /> Conference in Ohio. The sessions went pretty well, especially because I didn't bore to sleep the people that attended design patterns. The reviews were excellent - and funny -. I got a couple simply saying 'follow the white rabbit'. Anyways, I want to thank OU for the facilities and putting together a full day conference, 7 tracks, 20 speakers, hands-on classes, and only charge $35 cover.

Find below the slides for my sessions.

Software Design Patterns and Best Practices

In software engineering, a design pattern is a general repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software design. Proper architecture is the key for a successful application and design patterns describe simply best practices. The session will demystify them and show you they are nothing but a common vocabulary for expressing simple solutions for common problems.

[download slides]

Robust Ajax Architecture

Ajax was the top buzzword in 2006 and now it seems like it has become the norm in every site. The key to a successful site, Ajax or not, relies or proper architecture and following best practices. This session will get you up to speed with Ajax development, leveraging JavaScript libraries, and building MVC architectures and Ajax design patterns to reuse your existing code.

[download slides]

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