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Flex Intensive Course

Extra, extra, read all about it! Flex Wizard in a miracle cure! I'll be teaching a full day pre-conference class June the 25th, at the CFUnited Conference. Last year I taught an Ajax Intensive class, which turned out to be very successful... The feedback I received was: more code, more code! so this year, it's mostly hands-on! You'll be coding in no time.

This full day hands-on Flex course that require no previous Flex experience. The class promises to be fun, energetic, and saturated with information, examples, and code. It will focus not only on Flex architecture, but also teach you to organize your ColdFusion code in such fashion that you can reuse your business layer across any front-end, including Html, Ajax, Flash, or Flex.


  • Flex Builder Environment
  • Flex Built-in Components
  • Basics
    • Event System
    • Data binding
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • Remote Calls: HTTP Services, Web Services, AMF3 / Remoting
    • Organizing your ColdFusion Service Layer
    • Flexible Messaging Architecture
    • Error Handling
    • Logging
  • Flex Data Services
  • Cairngorm Microarchitecture
    • Basics / Request Flow
    • Design Patterns
    • Analogy with ColdFusion Frameworks
  • Debugging
    • Within Flex
    • Monitoring HTTP / AMF Traffic
  • Documentation
  • Automated Deployment using ANT

p.s. if you're still wondering about the first line of this post, it's a quote from Tommy, by The Who.

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