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AjaxCFC fastSerialize example

Due to popular request, I added an example showing how to easily submit an entire form through Ajax with the fastSerialize jQuery plugin.

All you require to do is to include this plugin:


and use it to send them form:
onSubmit="return send( $(this).fastSerialize() );"

the send() function looks like this:
    function send(frmData) {
          url: "echoTest.cfc",
          method: "echo",
          data: frmData,
          success: function(data) {
    return false;

simple huh?

Again, I updated the SVN repo and project download files. Enjoy.

Tracked by asdf | Tracked on 5/11/09 8:55 AM

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It doesn't appear that the fastSerialize function works on multiple checkboxes. Any ideas?
# Posted By James Brown | 5/11/09 3:39 PM
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