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Pownce: request for enhancement

I blogged about Pownce yesterday, and I'm liking it a lot... I just wish that since it's built on top of the Flash Platform, it took advantage of server-side push technology such as FCS, FMS, LCDS, or bare XML Sockets... instead, it pulls every few seconds, which is extremely annoying. I understand that XML Sockets require additional server components, though most php, .net, j2ee servers have that capability built-in ... and it requires using a none-standard port ... which since the initial connection is triggered by the client, it shouldn't be a problem, and if it is, you can always fall-back to polling ... It would be much more efficient in the server load; much better than having thousands of clients polling every few seconds.

BTW, while debugging some applications today I happened to debug all Pownce traffic and it seems like their public API is very straight forward... maybe there's an opportunity of building another piece of software that makes use of such nice free public services?

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