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I'm joining team ColdBox

The past: Luis Majano and I go way back; I remember the first time we met was when I interviewed him at iChameleon. That that he showed me the framework he developed, which would be equivalent to ColdBox v0.1. It was already pretty interesting; he showed me all kinds of documentation, which immediately made him unique ... Which developer out there actually loves documentation? Name one, please! So at the end, Luis ended up leaving sandals and moved to California, but the framework kept going.

The present: ColdBox has gained some popularity lately, perhaps because of it's vast documentation, because it does not use XML, because it has tons of plugins built-in, or just because slowly people see how nice the framework is. Luis did his first Adobe Connecto last week for cfframeworks and got a decent amount of attendees, many of which started blogging about their interest in the framework. Currently, at version 2.0.2, ColdBox is extremely stable and plays well with ColdSpring, Lightwire, Transfer, cfcUnit.

The Future: I joined the team and will start blogging about it more and more. I'm contributing directly with the core with architecture, refactoring, and many new additions and tools to be announced. I'm really happy to be part of ColdBox, and I hope to help taking it to the next level.

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