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Short News: 4th of July

* I'm finally back from all my traveling.
* Cannes was great; we got shortlisted for the Guinness Hands microsite
* CFUnited was great; gave the 8h flex class to about 20 students. IMHO it went pretty well; tons of examples, started slow and then got well advanced. Then I gave two sessions, one on Factories and one of Flex and Ajax. I liked the factories one, but I wasn't fully satistied with the Flex/Ajax one.
* Happy 4th of July.
* I ordered my new MacBook Pro yesterday. It may take a few weeks (so they said), because I chose to upgrade the HD to a 7200RPM one.
* I will be speaking at Max on ColdFusion (CFMX8) Powered Ajax
* I'm officially hooked into ANT now and will release some scripts soon.

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