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AjaxCFC Source Control Repo Moved

Since I just moved AjaxCFC to its own homepage, I moved the SVN repository from RIAForge and created a Trac project. If you had RIAForge's SVN mapped, please update your records: . I maintained the same structure and history, though I plan to restructure it very soon.

Please file any bug and enhancement request into the new trac site.

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Thanks for ajaxCFC! It is a great tool.

The version I currently have has the date of Sept 6th, 2006. That is the one I just downloaded from RIAforge. However, the Last updated date there is August 30, 2007 9:54 PM where it also mentions a version number of 1.1 alpha 3

I cant find any version number in the package I just downloaded.

And... when I browse to as per your blog, my browser times out.

Yep, I am confused! Where is the latest version of ajaxCFC?

# Posted By Murray | 9/8/08 12:33 AM
I like ajaxcfc. It is a great tool. I have been using SVN to stay updated but now it is timing out. Did you quit supporting it? Is there something better?
# Posted By Gordon Hutchens | 9/17/08 12:21 PM

I still get timed out trying to access

Is there anyone home? :-)

# Posted By Murray | 10/28/08 8:48 PM
it looks like is down.


# Posted By Meikel | 11/20/08 3:50 AM
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