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Amazon AWS s3 ec2 / Google App Engine / Media Temple / Mosso CloudFS Comparison


AWS s3 ec2

Google App Engine

Media Temple gs

Mosso CouldFS


Upgrade ECU or Deploy new instances

Pay extras



Python - Universal


Linux / Windows

Other uses / extensibility

Complete flexibility

Requires additional deployments

Requires Python and GQL

Easy to install additional applications


$0.10 - Small Instance (Default): 1.7 GB of memory, 1 EC2 Compute Unit (1 virtual core with 1 EC2 Compute Unit), 160 GB of instance storage, 32-bit platform

Free for 500Mb of data and 5MM views/month

100 GBs of premium storage

1 TB of short-path bandwidth

100 unique sites / alternate domains

64MB Ruby/Mongrel container

1,000 GPUs

100 databases

1,000 email addresses

$50 Gb of SAN storage

500 Gb

10,000 compute cycles



$0.15 per GB-Month of storage used

Data Transfer

$0.100 per GB - all data transfer in

$0.170 per GB - first 10 TB / month data transfer out


$0.01 per 1,000 PUT, POST, or LIST requests

$0.01 per 10,000 GET and all other requests*

* No charge for delete requests


$0.10 per CPU hour



$0.10-0.12 per cpu cycle

$0.15-0.18 in BigTable Gb/month

$0.09-0.13 transfer Gb/month

Base: $20/month

$2.56 per additional transfer GB

$0.10 per additional GPU

Base: $100/month

$0.25 per transfer GB

$0.50 per storage GB

$0.01 per CPU cycle

MS-SQL $5/100Mb/month

Practical Rating (1-10)






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Google App Engine is listed as Linux only but afaik there are installers for all platforms. Not sure what they're actually running up in the cloud but this isn't really relevant either, as long as your apps perform, let them care about the OS. And it's Python so it should run on any platform in the end..
# Posted By Thijs Triemstra | 7/15/08 11:37 PM
@Thijs, thanks, updated.
# Posted By Rob Gonda | 7/15/08 11:39 PM
I think it is so good!
# Posted By ffxi gil | 11/21/08 2:43 AM
it's Python so it should run on any platform in the end..
# Posted By ffxi gil | 11/21/08 2:46 AM
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