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Enterprise Architect now supports Flex

The new eclipse integration in Enterprise Architect now supports Flex through their Model Driven Generation feature according to Mike Rankin. I love EA so this is exciting news.

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I am not able to navigate to the link for Enterprise Architect?
# Posted By Kapil Viren Ahuja | 7/15/08 1:03 AM
I've just got EA going with a flex project, and it's great. However, it's more accurate to say the new functionality is support for actionscript projects Flex Builder in eclipse, rather than support of the flex framework.

Code engineering in EA, forward and reverse, works for actionscript, and is now integrated into flex Builder. But there's no mxml support whatever, nor, according to their support is it planned.

I guess they don't see flex developers as a significant market - why not drop them a line to suggest they we might be?

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# Posted By Ian McDonald | 7/15/08 6:54 AM
Fixed the links
# Posted By Rob Gonda | 7/15/08 9:17 AM
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