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SWF Object 2.1 Flex Template

SWF Object is an amazing script for wrapping their swf into a HTML page. For those of you using it (and you should), Oleg built a nice SWF Object template now updated for version 2.1 with supports HistoryManager and DeepLinking.

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ur links go nowhere?
# Posted By Chris | 7/15/08 2:57 AM
Links appear to be hosed: javascript:void(0);/*1216096570715*/
# Posted By hsTed | 7/15/08 4:44 AM
# Posted By Oleg | 7/15/08 6:18 AM
awesome.. thanks..
# Posted By Chris | 7/15/08 6:39 AM
Fixed the links
# Posted By Rob Gonda | 7/15/08 8:50 AM
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