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MySpace supports OpenID

OpenID allows a user to create a single identity profile that can be used across the Web at participating sites. This negates the need to fill out the same information on multiple sites, and then need to remember those login details for each individual account.

OpenID has already been embraced by nearly 8,000 sites, including Yahoo (the largest supporter in terms of users), Plaxo, Wetpaint, Technorati, and LiveJournal. But MySpace is the second largest site to join the network to date, and will nearly double the amount of OpenID accounts to a half-billion.

Popular social networking site MySpace said Tuesday it will join the open source authentication platform OpenID, further bolstering the idea of a unified system to carry online identities between Web sites. But for now, MySpace's OpenID accounts cannot be used elsewhere. [brought by betanews]

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