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iPhone firmware 2.0.2

Apple has released an update to fix the reception problems with the 3G iPhone, woohoo! I love my iPhone, but constant dropped calls were really starting to annoy me. Just installed this update and will post back my verdict in a couple of day.

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hopefully this will fix the speed issues some Australian carriers are having. As for reception, ihave 2 bars now instead of 1!
# Posted By michael sharman | 8/19/08 9:42 AM
I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it to upgrade my iPhone. Seem like people are having lots of issues. I pretty much never drop a call on my iPhone 1.0 and almost always have 5 bars. Is 3g really worth the trouble and expense?
# Posted By Mike Rankin | 8/19/08 11:33 AM
Just wanted to add that ( is a great resource for finding out where reception problems are most likely to occur.
# Posted By Macintosh | 8/20/08 11:23 AM
I also had similar issue, and it really annoyed me... I searched all the Internet in order to find the solution of my problem, by finally managed to find an application which helped. Recommend it to you as well.
# Posted By Kel | 2/16/09 1:57 AM
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