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Apple Macintosh 1984 Superbowl Commercial

Pretty unnerving TV slot from 1984, advertising Apple's first commercially available Macintosh computer. A far cry from the cute Mac vs. PC ads of recent years, this campaign was all about branding Apple as a rule-breaker in computer technology. It may not be a coincidence then, that the raspy Euro-villain on the big TV screen looks suspiciously like Bill Gates.

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Am I the only one who thinks she looks like she's wearing a Hooters uniform?

That's a pretty badass commercial, though.
# Posted By Ben Nadel | 1/28/09 8:05 AM
The sad thing is, I remember watching that commercial.

You know the amazing thing is, is that this commercial only ran once... ever. It really says a lot about how powerful it was; that we are still talking about it 25 years later.
# Posted By Dean Lawrence | 1/28/09 9:46 AM
Yeah, it's amazing how powerful this commercial is. Far removed from most modern Super Bowl drivel:
# Posted By Derek | 1/28/09 10:19 AM
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