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Spring Actionscript: IoC Framework based on Spring

The extension is written in ActionScript 3 and is targeted at Flex, AIR and Flash developers. The IoC container and its XML dialect is heavily influenced by that of Spring so it should be easy for developers familiar with Spring to get started with it.

Spring ActionScript contains the following features:

* Inversion of Control container - XML driven, based on Spring
* Reflection API - providing a decent API around describeType()
* Cairngorm extensions - configurable Service Locator, extended Front Controller with command factories, Command chaining, …
* PureMVC extensions - bringing Dependency Injection to PureMVC
* several utilities, assertions, etc


They're also working on the following features, all of which are in an experimental phase:
* MVCS support - providing an architectural framework based on Model-View-Controller-Service
* Domain Driven Design utilities - base classes for entities, value objects, enums, repositories and services
* SqlLite database templates
* Aspect Oriented Programming


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Link doesnt seem to work.
# Posted By Sami Hoda | 1/7/09 6:26 PM
@Sami, thanks. Fixed.
# Posted By Rob Gonda | 1/8/09 11:52 AM
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