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Multitouch Screen Using Flash +1 Adobe -1 Microsoft

Adobe Flash is getting more and more popular as the platform to develop multi-touch applications on.

Check out a post at regarding a Summit that will be organized between Natural User Interface and Adobe in 2009 with the main focus on development of multi-touch solutions on Adobe’s Flash platform.

In case you haven’t seen my post on our NUI Group community website regarding that event, please have a look here:

This video was made as a proof of concept of Flash applications running on the tracker of NUI Suite Snowflake.

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That was very cool Ray, thanks for sharing.
# Posted By Kumar | 1/9/09 7:35 PM
I meant Rob, sorry about that.
# Posted By Kumar | 1/9/09 7:36 PM
Wow, cool demo. Loved the pong app, and the ripples were very nice as well. Reckon a Zen garden were you can rake the sand around the screen would be nice ;-)

Once thing that is apparent comparing this to Microsoft's Surface (which is guess is the obvious thing to do) is the slowness with which Flash was rendering some of the scenes. Adobe's got a way to get yet's before they can claim to be truly competitive on that front.
# Posted By Jason Langdon | 1/10/09 7:37 AM
Thanks Rob for posting.
Flash is indeed slower in comparison to for example C++.
The version of the tracker that we were running was not that fast either. We mainly did a quick and dirty setup to show the proof of concept of running Flash applications with NUI Suite Snowflake.
# Posted By Harry van der Veen | 1/11/09 4:45 PM
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