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ajaxCFC reaches 1.0

I'm happy to announce that ajaxCFC has reached 1.0; but wait, there is more! ajaxCFC has a new home: it is now hosted at RIAForge where you can discuss issues in the forums, file bugs, and browse the source code with SVN.

As part of this new build I included the log4javascript integration: an unobtrusive html pop-up that logs your every Ajax request, showing requested methods, arguments, responses, and trapped server-side errors.

I must confess, I have my own subversion server, thus you won't be seeing much activity in the RIAForge's public one, nevertheless, you will get updates before I upload new builds.

I will also re-open a Wiki for ajaxCFC, but this time I will make is private. Last time I tried this it kept getting sabotaged, so if you want access just ping me.

p.s. I almost forgot, I updated the documentation.

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