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ajaxCFC 1.01: ColdFusion frameworks update

Dan Wilson pointed out today that the Model-Glue and Mach-II branches of ajaxCFC were not updated for v1.0, so I just updated them to the lasted Ajax engine, added logging, and matched all the featured of the stand-alone release. RIAForge's SVN has been updated as well as the main ajaxCFC download distro.

By the way, I updated the live examples as well to include and enable logging. You can get the list of examples in the main project page.

The code is back-compatible. The only updates where engine.js, ajax.js, log4javascript.js, and log4javascriptSetup.js. In order to enable logging simple add 'debug':true to the Ajax config section, which in the examples is located inside the JavaScript.cfm, in the views folder.

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