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Will Microsoft ever learn? (Windows 7 buzz)

Microsoft is already working on Windows 7, formerly known as Blackcomb or Vienna, and is scheduled to release early 2010.

I run Windows Vista and OSX, and personally, haven't had any problems with Vista... Given, it might be a little more annoying for the savvy user, but I disabled/removed all those features. I previously blogged about how slow copying files could be (and a workaround).

PCWorld published a silly article about hardware requirements for an OS to be released 2-3 years from now; well, obviously, your current PC is not ready, simple answer. When XP came out, it required a decent PC, so did Vista, and in fact, so did Tiger, Leopard, Ubuntu, or anything else. Companies design OSs to fully utilize potentials of processing power and memory, it would be silly if they didn't.

In summary, if I worked for Microsoft's PR department I would try to keep any articles of a new operating system down in the low. There's a lot of clean-up work to do prior to anyone accepting new releases from M$.

On a positive note, one feature I did find interesting is the realization of tendencies towards virtualization. Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V already showed Microsoft's understanding of market trends, and now with Windows 7 support for VHD (Virtual Hard Drives) they extend the power to the user.

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You probably didn't have any problems with Vista but for some reason it was voted the worse software of the year 2007. Add to that the demand of a lot of users buying new laptops to downgrade back to Windows XP. You can also check the number of companies that are switching from Windows to Mac OS or the ones refusing to use the new Vista and prefer to stick to XP till Microsoft decides to release a new OS or till they also switch to Mac OS.

You can write that Microsoft is trying to get back on track especially after it disappointed many advanced users when it promised to release a lot of features/options/services with Vista, especially WinFx and after it tried to regain its role on the internet by buying Yahoo and failed.

Microsoft is losing its empire and will lose it especially when it wants to create its own standards instead of following the international standards. IE 7 was a total failure and it seems that version 8 will be as well.
# Posted By Ronny Karam | 7/7/08 11:33 AM
Like you, I haven't really had any trouble with Vista, except for the fact that it has some pretty hefty video and memory requirements for apparently no benefit. Disabling Aero, and disabling some of the other "features" ended up being a necessity on my 1GB Laptop which was "Designed for Vista".

Ultimately though, this stuff happens every time that Microsoft releases an OS. There's a ton of new features, some of which are good, some of which are bad. I remember a few die-hards that claimed they saw no point in upgrading to Windows 98 when 95 OSR2 already supported USB, and was more stable. Or when Windows XP was released, and people bitched about "Driver Signing" and how Windows was forcing them to buy a new computer, and even if they were going to buy a new computer, they'd just wipe it and put 2000 on it.

Microsoft has to toss stuff up there, and see what sticks. Sometimes, they almost completely miss the target, like with Vista. But even those releases have some really really good stuff (.Net 3.5, WPF, Internet Explorer 7, UAC, Solid Multiprocessor and 64bit support), that are offset by a few really poor ideas, or poorly implemented good ideas (UAC, NetBIOS rebuild, Aero)

Besides, this article was written by the developer of "a truly independent tool that can evaluate a PC", not based on any specs that Microsoft has released, or any real solid information, it seems like it's just based on the general requirements for what the author considers "Acceptable" Vista performance, and then multiplying by 1.5
# Posted By Adam Ness | 7/7/08 12:19 PM
Rob, it seems your hyperlinks are not really hyperlinks, but actually javascript calls. I cannot click on hyperlinks in your blog entry, nor open them in a new window. When I right click on them, I get a different menu then normal. When copying the link, it shows javascript:void(0);/*1215372832486*/.
# Posted By JesterXL | 7/7/08 12:25 PM
Like Jester, I can't follow any of the links on your page either. Please make them normal hyperlinks. I'd really like to read the pages, but you haven't provided any way to do so.
# Posted By Rob Huddleston | 7/7/08 12:38 PM
Just to comment on Ubuntu, it actually doesn't require a "decent PC" to run acceptably. I installed the latest Ubuntu (8.04) on a Pentium III ThinkPad with 512MB of RAM, and it runs great. I shudder to think how Vista would run on that machine if it even let me install it at all.
# Posted By Matt Woodward | 7/7/08 12:42 PM
@Ronny, I agreed that Vista was a horrible experience for most people, except some few geeks that customized the hell out of it and removed/replaced all the annoying features. That was mainly the reason of my post, claiming that they should really think their strategy thru and try to get rid of that bitter taste before they ruin Windows 7 two years before launch. At the end, you're right, it's not about marketing or advertising, it's about the product... but if they don't play their cards right, even if Windows 7 kicks ass, it will be dead before it's born.

@Adam, Microsoft has indeed released some neat tools, not sure if WPF and IE7 are on that list... perhaps surface, which will revolutionize the market soon ... Aero was a good idea, piss-poor implementation.

@JesterXL, thanks for bringing that up, not sure what happened. Just fixed the links.
# Posted By Rob Gonda | 7/7/08 12:43 PM
@Rob, links were fixed

@Matt, agreed that Ubuntu does a good job of downsizing and allowing you to run into less powerful systems. Vista _tried_ to do the same by scoring your system performance, but it still requires a decent base.
# Posted By Rob Gonda | 7/7/08 12:50 PM
@Rob - I tend to agree with <a href=" Gamer</a> about the Surface, it's a toy for Rich People that's probably a good first try at a technology that won't be mainstream for 5 years at the minimum.

I started writing more, but then I decided to turn it into <a href=""&... post on my blog.</a>
# Posted By Adam Ness | 7/7/08 8:20 PM
sorry but this is totally bullcrap. a operating system should absolutely DONT use much ressources on its own. what a silly idea! people who WORK with their computers want the cpu power targeted at their running programs, NOT on the OS. if you need those "hey, your screensaver looks great!" compliments, then get yourself a toy OS like Apple OS. Geeeee.....
# Posted By michael | 7/20/08 2:56 PM
I too didn't have any problems with Vista.... because I've been installing Ubuntu (specifically Kubuntu & Xubuntu) for over three years now.

Oh, and the latest Xubuntu that was released in April 2008 (8.04), works just fine on my 1999 HP Pentium-3 500Mhz 256MB Ram laptop (that I use for traveling and presentations) - I think it would just barely run with Windows XP if I were to try it. I also get a lot of work done on a 2.4Ghz desktop with the previous 7.10 Xubuntu.

# Posted By J S | 7/20/08 7:14 PM
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